About DriveDollar

DriveDollar saves you time managing your vehicle travel expenses.

DriveDollar makes it easy to categorize and classify your data so you can run reports showing how much of a deduction or expense you have.

DriveDollar integrates with other systems to save you time entering company expenses.

Have more than one vehicle you need to track or have a fleet? Contact us to see how can turn your trips in to data that can save you money.

Get everything you need to track you mileage from your vehicles in one place here at DriveDollar, we also can provide you with the mobile hotspot needed to track your driving that plugs in to your vehicles OBD port.

Works With

Autotask – Your DriveDollar trips are loaded directy to Autotask as toll, mileage and time entries.

ConnectWise Manage – Your DriveDollar trips are loaded directy to ConnecWise as toll, mileage and time entries

Office365 Calendar – Your DriveDollar trips are created as calendar entries in your Office365 Calendar.

QuickBooks Desktop – Your DriveDollar trips are created as mileage log entries in QuickBooks.


Business, Medical, Moving, Charity and any custom categories you have setup are available to categorize each trip.

Add notes to a trip to record any details relative to the trips category. For example, if its a business trip the purpose of the business trip and any objectives attempted and/or achieved.

Add expenses to your trip. Each trip can have multiple expenses, you can customize the expenses list.


Sort and filter your trip data with Excel like filtering and sorting.

Export your trip data to an Excel spreadsheet or a CSV file.


Easily bill your clients for your travel expenses using our integrations.


For customers in the USA, we have incorporated the USA IRS mileage rate deduction for business, moving, charity and medical trips. After you categorize a trip with one of those categories, it will update the deduction rate and deduction amount for that trip.

Please contact us if you need rates for a country other than USA.

IRS Standard Mileage Rates

IRS Publication 463 – Travel, Entertainment, Gift, and Car Expenses