Autotask PSA

DriveDollar works with Autotask PSA saving you time entering travel expenses.


With one-click using DriveDollar you can create:

  • Mileage Expense Record - with actual mileage from the trip
  • Toll Expense Record - If you enter the toll expense amounts in DriveDollar for the trip, the amount entered will be the toll amount (optional)
  • Time Entry Record - for the travel time that matches the start and end time of the trip (optional)

Multiple Profiles

DriveDollar supports multiple Autotask system profiles.

Each profile can be a different system, or you can create mutiple profiles for one system with different import settings.

A typical scenario for this would be to create one for sales expenses, and one for service expenses.


Trip Auditing Built-In

Do you need the compare the shortest distance for a trip to the distance actually traveled?

For each expense exported, we have you covered by including in the expense notes built-in Google Direction analysis and a link to google maps to review the recommended route, distance and travel time.

Help and Support

Help is available in our self help section, and for issues that cant’t be resolved using self help, please email We are also available for implementation copnsulting to get DriveDollar working the way you want for your business.


DriveDollar Pays for Itself!

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