Office365 Calendar

DriveDollar works with Office365 Calendar to create appointments on your calendar from your trips.


With one-click using DriveDollar you can create a calendar entry on your calendar that includes:

  • Start and end time to match your trip’s start and end time – easily see your trips on your calendar.
  • Calendar entries with categories that match your trip tags – create as many trip categories as you like, and assign them to trips
  • Trip details – detailed data from your trip including expenses

Multiple Calendar Accounts

DriveDollar supports multiple Office365 accounts.

Each account can be a separate Office365 mailbox.

This makes it easy to output your trips not only to your own calendar, but a shared calendar that everyone can access.


Multiple Calendar Support

Create calendar entries on multiple calendars with one-click. If you have more than one calendar you want to create your trips on, its easy to do with DriveDollar.

Trip Auditing Built-In

Do you need the compare the shortest distance for a trip to the distance actually traveled?

We have you covered with built-in Google Direction analysis and a link to google maps to review the recommended route, distance and travel time.