Getting Started with DriveDollar

  1. DriveDollar Account

    To login to DriveDollar, you need a DriveDollar account.

    Create an account with your email address and password .

    Login with your Google, Azure ActiveDirectory or Microsoft account.

  2. Trip Data

    To use DriveDollar, you need to have a source for trip data. DriveDollar supports 2 sources for trip data:

    If you do not have a T-Mobile Sync Up Drive device you can get one through DriveDollar here.

    If you need help setting up your device, we are glad to help, please email for any help you need with DriveDollar.

  3. DriveDollar Trip Data Access

    OK, now you have a DriveDollar account and your device is installed and working in your car. Now you need to authorize DriveDollar to access your data from your trips. You can do that here.

    After you authorize DriveDollar to access your trip data, you can then start using DriveDollar with your trip data.

Free Trials

DriveDollar offers a free trial for all of our software licenses .

Since DriveDollar uses data generetaed from where your car has been and not your phone, you never need to worry about: what vehicle the trip was taken in, if your phone was on, if the phone was charged enough, if an app is or was running on your phone.

Free Setup Assistance

For a limited time, DriveDollar is offering 1 free hour of setup assistance for each user to get you going with DriveDollar.

This free setup assistance includes phone and remote support, we want you to be up and running quickly with DriveDollar.

Just add the free setup to your order when checking out here.

Using DriveDollar

DriveDollar Settings

  1. Set your preferences for using DriveDollar including the default vehicle for trips and the gas gauge increase % to use for highlighting trips where fuel was added to the tank.

  2. Setup custom categories to track your trips if Business,Personal, Medical and Moving are not adequate for tracking your trips.

DriveDollar Trip Categorization

  1. Categorize your trips.

Using Categorized DriveDollar Trips

  1. Run reports showing your tax deductions for your travels. Pre-built reports are accesible under the reports menu which shows up after you login to DriveDollar.

Exporting to Other Systems

  1. Get a free trial or purchase a license for the system where you want to export you data
  2. Setup the connection to the system
  3. Push a button and your trips will show up in the system you connected to DriveDollar